I don’t talk a lot about my music on here. Well, I used to, but not so much these days. A large reason for that is I simply haven’t been working on anything as much as I used to. There’s a lot of reasons for that, increased responsiblity elsewhere, a lack of time, but I think at the core of it has been a bit of a soul search to understand if this is really something I want to keep doing.

A little background. I’ve always loved music, I’ve always loved writing my own songs and, since discovering digital tools, I’ve always liked recording my material. When I was 16 I had grand designs of being in a band with my friends which lasted all of a week (although we did keep jamming together) – I play guitar and a bit of keyboard – and I was constantly working on new material to play. I made a few home recordings but never really took anything further than the idea.

At University I discovered Fruity Loops which I realised I could use to record my own songs – this started with mostly covers but I finally graduated to getting my own material down in a more structured fashion. Again, this never really went anywhere and my musical desires lay dormant for years until I got an iPad and started fiddling with GarageBand. I started recording simple acoustic folk numbers and posted them online as Mystery Beer Can. This never really went anywhere other than a few close friends but I also started to discover electronica and started tinkering with synths. Out of the back of that I recorded music as Stage of History and, over the last six or so years I’ve been putting music out onto Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/stageofhistory) and BandCamp (https://stageofhistory.bandcamp.com). That’s it in a nutshell.

I have no delusions that I could be a career musician. I’m 38 years old with far too many responsibilities to be able to go jetting off supporting albums and whatnot, but I still come back to the idea of writing and recording music and the internet kind of supports this idea. I hope it doesn’t sound big headed to say I’m proud of the music I’ve worked on. Stage of History used to be a purely instrumental project and this was reflected in the first two albums and EP. As I’ve developed musically I’ve started incorporating singing into the pieces, something I’m quite nervous about showing publically than I am my actual music.

Still, here we are. After a couple of years of soul searching I’m tying together the loose ends on a 10 track album which I’m hoping to put out later this year. I want to do a bit more to promte it online, starting with talking about it more on this blog and moving on to self promotion elsewhere (dunno where, though, so any suggestions in the comments would be hawt!)

I’m starting this by posting the first track taken from the album onto SoundCloud. It’s called “Only Human” and I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve recorded yet. It’s a little softer than what I’ve done before but I think this album is going to show a maturing as a musician and, to be honest, is bringing Stage of History to where I kind of want it to be musically. Anyway, here we are. Search me out on those other networks and let me know what you think.