So here’s a thing I really should have wrote about sooner but have managed to let a few home crises get in the way of (I did Tweet about it, though, so if you follow me there this probably won’t be new…)

I’m a published writer!

I mean, yes, I’ve been a published writer for a few years now if you count my work on NextGenBase but as that’s really me and a few chums self publishing a videogame writing thing, I’m not 100% sure that counts (I mean, you can argue I’ve been doing it longer if you look through the archives of this here blog but, I DIGRESS)

Last year (2018) the lovely Mr Simon Brew, former editor and founder of Den of Geek, had the idea to Kickstart a new project – a print magazine chock full of interesting features, spun off from his regular podcast Film Stories. One of the things Simon was looking for with this venture was to provide a platform for new writers to have their work published. Not only did I promptly back the project on Kickstarter, I decided that this was the time I’d go for it and pitched a few ideas to Simon.

Just before Christmas 2018, I got the call (well, email) that Mr Brew wanted to commission one of my pieces, an article about the works of Hollywood’s favourite pseudonym, Alan Smithee, which I duly put together. The article was published in Film Stories 4th issue, in April 2019 and it’s something I am properly chuffed about (ask Mrs B how many days I walked round the house with a big old smile on my face)

My words in print! You'll have to order the issue to see the full article...
My words in print! You’ll have to order the issue to see the full article…

Not only is it great seeing my words in print, the process of getting commissioned and having a deadline and word limit to write to was also exhillerating. I know I have had deadlines in the past with embargo dates on game reviews, but knowing that my words have to fit into print stirred some major feelings from my old life as a graphic designer (something I rarely mention as my career kind of skewed off in a different direction a good 13 years ago) where I knew how precious space on the printed page is.

But it’s something that I want to take further. I want to spend more time with the written word this year, something that’s been hampered by the aforementioned house crises (plumbing is a monster, kids!) but which I’m trying to find more and more time to not only fit into my evenings but also to pitch ideas to different outlets.

Add to that the story ideas I’ve got spinning round my head (STILL GOING TO FINISH MY FILM!) and I’m hoping that the last half of 2019 could be busy.

If you’ve read Film Stories, sound off in the comments. If you haven’t, I recommend you do. You can order it from the website here – – which is also home to Simon’s really insightful podcast. Also check out the YouTube channel here – – and follow on Twitter @filmstoriespod.