I’m doing that right, aren’t I? That’s the correct level of clickbait in the title?

Anyway, here’s a thing that I’ve been meaning to get round to for a while. I don’t know about you, but I find it a mahoosive pain in the behind every time I start a new project and realise “UGH! I’ve got to set up my development environment for this project! UGH! WHAT A DRAG, MAN!!”

Okay, that’s a bit of an overexaggeration, I don’t react like a thirteen year old every time I open Code to start working on something new, but as my workflow gets more streamlined yet more complex (thanks, Node! I’ll be writing about your fun dependency nightmares soon!) I’m finding that the initial start for a project tends to be:

  • Initialise NPM
  • Install Gulp and associated dependencies off the top of my head
  • Forget how to code tasks
  • Open up a previous Gulpfile
  • Realise I’m missing a ton of dependencies
  • Install them
  • Copy and paste old tasks because LAZY
  • Realise I’ve not customised the output locations
  • Rewrite Gulpfile

You get the picture. It’s just busywork in the short term to save that long term busywork. If I’m working on a WordPress theme, you can add into that creating the base theme template and associated nonsense. Sometimes all you want to do is get coding and making and that initial set up can be a bore.

So, here’s my solution! I’ve created a bunch of project “Quickstarts” that I can fork and clone from GitHub whenever I need to start a new project. They contain all the package information to install the Node deps and have pre-baked Gulpfiles that just need a slight tweak to an “output folder” variable for builds and – away!

Hopefully this should get future projects up and running a wee bit quicker. I’ve made the GitHub repos public so feel free to go and grab the folders for your own use. I’ll be tweaking them as I find things I’ve maybe missed or things that would be handy to have from the get go.

Currently I’ve built:

That last one could be quite versatile and have PHP and goodness knows what in it.

So, go help yourself and let me know in the comments if they’re of use to you!